About Us

Bumble Olive Oil Company  
We believe that healthy food improves our well-being - that cooking for family and friends can feed your soul and is one of life's greatest pleasures. Our growers are artisans with deep roots in the tradition of producing fine extra virgin olive oil and balsamic vinegars. They pick the fruit at its peak of freshness. They take pride in the process.

We invite you to taste the difference, to experience the pleasure of food produced with love and care.


We promise to make you happy. Without YOU, there is no US, and we don't just say that; we mean that. We, with our smiling faces, will fix whatever issue may arise. Our promise covers buyers and recipients and has no expiration date. Everyone likes gifts, but if they don't, we'll make it right. No matter when, where, or why, just tell us what we can do and consider it done! We want you to BEE happy!


We love creative people! Even more than that, we love creative people who can cook! If you whip up something delicious at home with some Bumble EVOO or BV, please jump on our website and share. Who knows? We may take it for a spin and feature it as our "recipe of the month."